Monday, May 27, 2013

Mito A355.

Mito A355.jpg
Mito A355

Mito to A355, is a new product belonging Mito Mobile that recently appeared in TV ads. Interestingly, as called Quad-core processor, of course. In addition, the commercial ads also show mito A355 design that looks premium, especially in her elegant chrome. How Mito A355 specs? Smartphone has a TFT screen of 5 inches by 5 point touch. Although the use of quad-core processors, but the clock speed is obtained only 1GHz smartphone, but according to the ad with a specification that carried the A355 Mito, can run 2D games 3D maupaun well. But of course, the HD games that require a first-class specifications likely lag if played with this smartphone. Smartphones are more suitable called phablet uses RAM 512 to support performance.
For phones that are circulating now, quad-core processor is usually followed by a pair of 1GB of RAM. However, the clock speed was at least 1.2 GHz.
4GB storage capacity owned in the internal side, and you can add microSD up to 32GB. While the operating system used is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.
In addition to quad-core processors rely on to attract attention, Mito Mobile also uses exciting multimedia features 8 Megapixels camera to the rear while the camera is still VGA additional possibilities. The main camera also owned Mito A355 is equipped with a LED flash to obtain optimal images in low-light conditions.Mito on commercial advertising, it will find is proseor Quad-core, Android Jelly Bean, 8MP camera and also outline the design is carried chromium.

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